ROTTEN by Scarlette Kara


ROTTEN is my exclusive clothing line for musicians. ROTTEN includes wear for stage and everyday life. This clothing line is available for performing artists.

Each piece is designed to fit the personality as well as individual needs of each customer and is made to measure. Service is personal and trustable.


All of ROTTEN designs are one-of-a-kind and made to measure. I work with high quality materials, create designs and painted details from scratch.

I also customize and distress your existing garments. My timeline estimate varies from weeks to months, but I can work with your deadlines.


ROTTEN by Scarlette Kara clients include members of Children of Bodom, Club for five, Kotiteollisuus, Nightwish, and Stratovarius. 

Other ROTTEN members are Niclas Etelävuori, Johanna Iivanainen, Johanna Kurkela, Netta Skog, Riikka and Marko Timonen.